Bob Reed

Office: 303-227-3818
Phone: 800-263-5648
Bob Reed, Owner, Associate Broker, REALTOR
Bob has been a resident of Rehoboth Beach since the age of 3. He attended Rehoboth Elementary School, Rehoboth High School, Deerfield Academy, Cornell University, and University of Delaware, before beginning a 20-year career as a local custom home builder. His work was known for quality and attention to detail.
In 1997, having always been interested and involved in real estate transactions, Bob changed careers to work with his wife Debbie, who was already an established REALTOR. As expected, Bob’s knowledge of construction proves valuable to both buyers and sellers. As a team, Bob and Debbie’s fascination with and expertise in real estate leads to frequent involvement in subdivision, in-fill
construction, and development projects, where Bob’s understanding of zoning codes, building codes, and construction is applied for the benefit of clients.
Since 2004, Bob and Debbie Reed have been the owners of the RE/MAX Realty Group brokerage, where they provide the office, infrastructure, support, and leadership for about 65 other REALTOR professionals. Their integrity, expertise, and dedication create hundreds of satisfied buyers and sellers every year. Bob and Debbie both feel fortunate to live and work in Rehoboth Beach.